The Tend Skin® Premium Women's Shaving Kit for Ingrown hair, dark spots, razor bumps & razor burns.

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Your skin deserves the best... just like you; but to this point, it's felt almost impossible to have an enjoyable shaving experience.

That is... until now. 

Start with the ultra-sleek Air Shave® Gel. It glides on instead of lathering, so you can see exactly what you're doing... especially when you're shaving intimate parts like the bikini area, legs and underarms.

After the shave, dry your skin and apply The Tend Skin Magical Aftershave Solution. It helps to reduce the appearance of razor burns, bumps & ingrown hairs.

Follow it up by applying the Brightoner Serum to approve the overall appearance of your skin tone.

It's that simple. You're done. Now you look amazing... and feel confident!

Stop torturing yourself. There's no need to spend another day with skin irritations and razor-bumps when you can enjoy unparalleled, professional shaving comfort and protection.